Business Goals and Objectives

Our goals keep us focused to work in perspective and inspire us to achieve success consistently. 

Goals for Customer Service

To be a preferred partner in the transport industry and to deliver excellent customer focused service. We strive to provide excellent service to our clients. Doing business with AJ Transport must be a pleasurable experience at all times.


    Products & Services

    Our core business and services includes:

    • Transport services
    • Courier Services
    • Redistribution Services
    • Tours



      AJ Transport is registered as a Service Provider with the following entities:

      • Beaufort West Local Municipality


        Objectives to achive Service Excellence

        • To achieve continuous excellence in quality, through consistent research and Improving our processes and methodology.
        • To become a leading innovative company within the transport industry
        • Influence of leadership in achieving Business Objectives
        • Encouraging the fire to excel, commitment to work and teamwork within an organization.
        • Leading by example, to ensure teamwork in achieving the organization’s objectives through optimal utilization.
        • Ensuring that a balance is maintained between the objectives of the association/team members and the organization by aligning the objectives with the organization’s objectives.
        • To constantly nourish future leaders within the organization and acknowledge innovation and  achievements

        The Highest Quality Vehicles In the Industry.

        We pride ourselves in using only the best vehicles available and ensuring that they are well maintained and services on time, every time.


        Initial Assessment and Analysis

        Analyses are done with clients in order to assess the client’s needs. Clients phone in or are collected at various pick up points.

        An in depth situation-analysis is followed in order to define the current position of the client versus the expected needs with the following in mind:


        • The scope of work that the expertise is going to achieve
        • The time needed for work
        • Costing involved with each project.


        A proposal is well prepared and presented to the client in the form of a quotation outlining the:

        • Scope of works that needs to be done.
        • Expertise within the company with regard to the project, experience and qualifications
        • Deliverables
        • Methodology, Work plan and Health and Safety Plan
        • Fees and terms of payment.

        An agreement is concluded and signed by both parties (client and Beaufort West Luxury Coaches trading as AJ Transport).


        Brainstorming and doing SWOT analysis ensure that a well-researched and efficient route is designed and implemented for contract work focusing on safety of passengers.

        Stages and actions of the contracts are performed according to the time line planned in co-operation with key role players assigned by the client.

        Progress meetings ensure that the client is kept up to date. Reports are produced and presentations are used to discuss findings and recommendations with key role players and personnel.



          At the completion of contracts a final assessment is done outlining contract outcomes in accordance with set measures and results. Contract reviews are done with expert advice on how best to move forward.

          All findings and recommendations of the final assessment are presented to a client. This is done on a continuous basis.



            Solutions and expected outcomes are assured to be within the resource capacity of the client’s organization and that it can be practically implemented.

            Reference is available as a continuing resource of expertise. Confidentiality is part of our endeavours.

            Communication is in the form of reports which are written in a way that staff can understand and easily use in order to have effective execution and the desired improvements.


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